Let Thrones Beware is a roleplaying game about rediscovering hope in a post-traumatic fantasy world.

Despite its strength, the Eternal Kingdom of Man is no more, accidental victim of the very power it wielded to conquer your world. Bowed but not broken, the indigenous species that survived the brutal thousand-year occupation fled to the far corners of Argohex.

Despite your freedom, there is danger. Horrors stalk the Deep Wood in which you and your kin shelter. Isolated, vulnerable villages quake in the darkness, hoping they are overlooked by what lurks in the trees.

Despite the danger, you must end the Age of Despair. The rebirth of Argohex awaits and now is the time for you to step forward and restore what was lost.


  • All players are equally capable of affecting the game narrative, no matter the combination of choices they make
  • Choices are purposeful; decisions have a significant mechanical impact, otherwise details are fluff and left to the player to define
  • Let Thrones Beware runs on a unified mechanic that is simple and allows for progression as characters develop
  • Combat and skill challenges are crunchy and fast to run – and easy to adjudicate


  • A setting that challenges heroes to restore their world, shattered and broken by an otherworldly invasion
  • A universal resolution mechanic that uses attack/counter/interrupt powers
  • Gridded tactical combat and abstracted non-combat systems
  • A codified adventure cycle where success and failure have meaningful effects on the campaign
  • Stronghold and Domain management
  • Mass combat
  • Character portability between tables

Play this game if you ...

  • ... enjoy tactical combat, but dislike having nothing to do in between taking your turns
  • ... want a mechanically interesting non-combat resolution system
  • ... prefer gradated success in games, but want a tactical component to your gameplay
  • ... like character building, but dislike item treadmills and fiddly feat choices