Bells of War - A Let Thrones Beware Adventure

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It has been three and a half days since your caravan departed from the Gate of Thorns at the behest of the Baronet. Three and a half long, stressful days. The reason for the caravan's departure before the Passage is known only to Blue Shell, Captain of the Baronet's guard. Rumour and speculation abounds; guards and peddlers alike whisper that the Baronet has entrusted his Captain with a secret treasure, but no-one can guess at why it is being brought to the small refuge village of Chael Hollow.

Bells of War serves as introduction for your gaming table to the core concepts, mechanics, and style of Let Thrones Beware. Through a series of encounters, players will learn how the non-combat and combat challenge system works. GMs will learn how (and why) the system works the way it does, how to build effective and challenging encounters, and how to respond to player decisions.

This adventure establishes the groundwork for a long-term campaign spanning the hero, champion, and legend tiers of play. Primordial forces, mythic foes, and settlement management are all introduced to the groups who complete this adventure.